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over a year ago
by teshager Worku Dagne


Random IP News Updates

Champagne, Darjeeling tea, Parma ham… and now Banarsi saris are joining the league of quality products that are recognised with a geographical indication.

August 31, 2009 updates:

*Europe’s digital library stuck in the slow lane

August 29, 2009


It’s hard to escape the view that what really annoys the European book industry about Google’s ambitious digital library project is that only US internet users will be allowed to browse in it.


*Jordan's Hikma Explores Western Alliances

*LDCs Commit To Use IP For Development At WIPO; Use Of Exceptions, Flexibilities Omitted

Officials from least developed nations on Friday agreed to a strategy for using intellectual property to encourage local innovation, protect national cultural and genetic resources, attract foreign direct investment, and spur development at a World Intellectual Property Organization forum on the use of intellectual property for “prosperity and development.”


July 6, 2009 updates:

New resolution on Farmers' Rights under the International Treaty

A new resolution on Farmers' Rights marks a substantial step forwards for the international understanding of the importance of these rights and for their realization. Here you can read about the contents of the new resolution, the negotiations that led to its adoption, and how the resolution can be implemented.


Environmental campaigner Vandana Shiva has cautioned farmers against attempts by multinational seed corporations to obtain patents on Kerala’s unique rice varieties such as Pokkali.

June 29, 2009

Taxis ‘have no rights over BRT routes’

Chinese “Made in India” counterfeits hit the market

Dutch can keep Bavaria in Italy, says Luxembourg

Monday June 22, 2009

Previous week

For years, drug manufacturers have treated physicians to free trips and expensive dinners as an insidious way of promoting their patented medications. Turns out, they have been seducing Defense Department officials in much the same way.

Stephanie Bodoni, June 18 (Bloomberg) -- L’Oreal SA, the world’s largest cosmetics maker, won a ruling from the European Union’s highest court that will allow it to block a group of perfume makers from marketing “smell-alike” versions of its fragrances.

 James Montgomery  On Tuesday (June 16), an Australian newspaper reported that a local fashion designer, Katie Perry, had been served a cease-and-desist order from lawyers representing singer Katy Perry, aimed at stopping her from trademarking her birth name for a clothing label.